Def Leppard

Warnor Theatre

Fresno, CA, USA

21st May 1980


Disc 1

01 When the walls came tumblin down
02 It could be you
03 Hello america
04 Satellite
05 Lady strange
06 Rock brigade
07 Answer to the master
08 It don't matter
09 Rocks off
10 Wasted
11 Ride in to the sun

Unknown lineage. Taped by DL Johnson.

I received this show in a trade and this is the latest transfer from the taper direct from his master tape back in 2010. So
this is an upgrade to anything currently circulating when this show was originally released way back when. He asked me to
circulate this upgrade and I haven't got round to it till now, and its quite fitting really as today (Jan 8th) is the 23rd
anniversary of the passing of the late great Steve Clark (Leps original guitarist).

Leppard were supporting Pat Travers and this is in my opinion the best of the Leps audience recordings from this era. But there is a
sample in the first post for you to have a listen to and decide if it's wqorth downloading or not.

Lady Strange is a new song at the time and was released on the Leps second album a year later.

I hope you enjoy the recording, but please respect my wishes by not converting or distributing in a lossy format.