Def Leppard
Ottawa, ON
Ottawa Civic Center

Deck: Aiway HS-J08
Tapes Maxell XLII
Master Recording

This is a fantastic recording of a "hot" show ... in more ways than one. Had awesome seats just a few rows up near Rick Allen, right in line with a set of speakers.

This was a ridiculously hot night in Ottawa ... Joe makes several comments about the heat too. I was worried about getting the deck into the show as I usually put the deck in the front of my pants with my belt holding it up, but it kept slipping beacuse it was so humnid and hot that I was soaked just walking from my car to the venue.

Almost a complete show... "Pour Some Sugar On Me" is missing (I think it was to follow "Foolin"). Not sure what happened, I must've missed hitting record, or inadvertently hit stop ... but whatever happened resulted in my missing that one song.

Even so, a great sounding, very energetic show from Def Leppard on the Hysteria tour. I traded this snail mail a few times back in the day, but not extensively so I'm sure it's circulation is extremely low.

Enjoy !!

01. PSA
02. Stage Fright
03. Rock, Rock Til Ya Drop
04. Women
05. Too Late For Love
06. Hysteria
07. Gods Of War Intro
08. Gods of War
09. Die Hard The Hunter
10. Bringin' On The Heartache
11. Foolin
12. Animal
13. Solo - Phil
14. Rock Of Ages
15. Photograph
16. Travellin'Band