Def Leppard
Dortmund '83
West Germany

18 December 1983

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This is sourced from the torrent seeded here -

There was a hideous bit of static during "Wasted" (samples to be posted), which I've corrected using another part of the song, and I corrected a minor fault in "Billy's got a Gun".

01. Rock, Rock (Till You Drop) <3:39>
02. Billy's Got A Gun <04:29>
03. Foolin' <4:08>
04. Rock of Ages <5:58>
05. Let It Go <5:04>
07. Wasted <3:58>

Total time: 27:18

Thanks to MichelleC for the original torrent!

Original notes:
"This is a very nice show from a festival in 1983.

"It was a short set because there were other acts in the bill."