Def Leppard
"Stage Fright" -The missing tracks from "In The Round In Your Face"
McNichols Sports Arena
Denver, CO

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Artwork included

Disc 1
01. Stagefright
02. Rock Rock (Til You Drop)
03. Women
04. Don't Shoot Shotgun
05. Too Late For Love
06. Hysteria
07. Steve Clark Guitar Solo
08. Gods of War
09. Die Hard The Hunter
10. Bringin' On The Heartbreak
11. Foolin'
12. Armageddon It
13. Animal
14. Pour Some Sugar On Me

Disc 2
01. Phil Collen Guitar Solo
02. Let It Go
03. Rock Of Ages
04. Armageddon It
05. Pour Some Sugar On Me
06. Tear It Down
07. Photograph
08. Travellin' Band
09. Honky Tonk Women*
10. Run Riot*
11. Run Riot*

This torrent ONLY includes the 7 BOLDED tracks. All other tracks were included in the "In The Round In Your Face" DVD, that included footage from this night, and the night before in Denver. If you like what you hear, I strongly recommend that you buy that DVD.

*These songs were sound checked. 2-09 is a cover of The Rolling Stones, and Run Riot was played twice.

Buy the DVD (: