Def Leppard
CNE Grandstand, Toronto
June 11, 1988

Taped By Bobby Plant
Sony Walkman and Aiwa Mic
Lineage Master>CDR>EAC>Flac
Please confirm as I am using the Buffalo show as reference.

CD One
2. Stagefright
3. Rock Rock ('Till You Drop)
4. Women
5. Too Late
6. Hysteria
7. Guitar Solo
8. God's Of War
9. Die Hard The Hunter
10. Talk
11. Bringing On The Heartbreak
12. Foolin'
13. Animal
14. Talk
15 Pour Some Sugar On Me

CD Two
1. ??? (start missing - tape flip)
2. Rock of Ages
3. Photograph

Please feel free to share setlist and any artwork.

Please do not re-master, re-edit, etc. or other ways of tampering with the recording.

Comments: This was one of the shows from this tour that was not in the round. A lot of the shows in the summer were held at this venue instead of Maple Leaf Gardens during the summer months.