As promised here it is. Ani DiFranco Rialto Theater, Tuscon Arizona. June 5th 1996. Received this in some sort of trade in the summer of 1998. The original Verbatim light blue CDRs would not mount on my machine for some reason. So I stuck em in a stand alone duplicator that has a ROM drive on it and they worked fine. So I guess you can add at least one gen of CDR there. They were transferred to Ritek silver CDRs. Those were put in my G5 where I copied the AIFF files to my hard drive and used xACT 1.4b21 to convert them to SHN.

I don't have much lineage for the source. The 96 soundboard simply says SBD>DAT>CDR, the audience filler on disc 2 from 98 says AUD>DAT>CDR. I have not added or subtracted anything. There is a slight skip at 03:28 Firedoor that was present on my copy. I believe the set break to be between Buildings and Bridges and Willing To Fight.

Either way it is rare to have such an amazing soundboard from this era. (My favorite with Andy and Sara). This is one of my favorite Ani recordings and is therefore the 1st one I am seeding.

Track listing:
CD 1:
01 Worthy
02 Untouchable Face
03 Superhero
04 Firedoor
05 Gravel
06 Anticipate
07 Adam and Eve
08 Coming Up
09 Letter To A John
10 Face Up and Sing
11 Out Of Range
12 Buildings And Bridges
13 Willing To Fight
14 32 Flavors
15 Shameless
16 Tiptoe
17 Cradle And All

CD 2:
01 Not A Pretty Girl
02 Shy
03 The Diner
04 Not So Soft
05 Both Hands

Murder Victims' Families For Reconciliation Benefit.
Shrine Auditorium
Los Angeles, CA
March 29th 1998 Audience recording.

06 Crime For Crime
07 Up Up Up
08 As Is
09 The Slant
10 Death Penalty RC Rap
11 Fuel

I've become so amused with the list of demands seeders seem to think they can impose on everyone. I've seen some long ones so here's mine.

You downloaded it, do whatever the hell you want with it. Most important enjoy!