Def Leppard - 'BBC Pre-FM Slang Tour'

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In celebration of Leppard's latest, I figured it was about time we had some Pre-FM quality Lep. I've not seen this in the trading community before in this version. Sadly I've not much info on the recording. What I do know about it comes largely from the fansite I quote "The one hour recording was first broadcast on Radio One in 1996 and was recorded during the UK Slang tour at Sheffield Arena on 14th November." Enjoy.

Sheffield Arena - 14th November 1996

01 Rock! Rock! 'till You Drop
02 Foolin'
03 Animal
04 Work It Out
05 Slang
06 Photograph
07 Rocket
08 Armageddon It
09 Pour Some Sugar On Me
10 Love Bites
11 Let's Get Rocked
12 Rock Of Ages