Def Leppard
August 18th, 2006
Mandalay Bay
Vegas, NV

Leppard > hollowed out Leptard hairspray on stage > string > hairspray can in the parking lot > Nomad Jb3 @ 16bit/44.1khz

Remastered in Adobe Audition 3.0 using a variety of plug-ins to make it clear and take out that hairspray stickiness.

Recorded and remastered by Hoserama

01. Intro
02. Lets Get Rocked
03. Let It Go
04. Promises
05. Bringing On the Heart
06. Fooling
07. Hysteria
08. No Matter What
09. Rock On (Intro)
10. Rock On
11. Rocket
12. Photograph
13. Armageddon It
14. Animal
15. Rock Of Ages
16. Encord
17. Love Bites
18. Pour Some Sugar On Me
19. Outro

Thanks to TD for keeping me company as I wandered through various place around the staging area that I shouldn't have been. Gotta get the hairspray setup just right.

Did a good amount of remastering in AA, so there are some artifacts. So if the sound isn't to your liking, throw in the other Vegas 2006 recording (lemme know if you find it). Not my best Leppard recording, but still enjoyable in my book.

If you cut out the encore and the outro, it should fit onto one CD.

Please don't sell this recording in any way - no cash for blanks, 2:1s, or any other form of "getting paid for your time". Just share it freely. Do not remaster or attempt to "improve" this recording and spread it're only going to conflict with several effects already running.

If you're going to destroy the sound of some ultra-spiffy high-end rigs by encoding and spreading them via mp3's, please keep them on your own computer and not dilute the tradepool.

I would really appreciate not seeing this sendspaced, ysi'ed , etc all over the web in 17 different formats.

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