Del McCoury Band

April 4, 1992
Santa Maria Style Bluegrass Festival,
Santa Maria, California

Soundboard > Uher CR134 cassette master >
Nakamichi Cassette Deck 1 > Konnect 8 > Soundforge 10 > TLH > FLAC

Del McCoury: guitar, vocals
Ronnie McCoury: mandolin
Rob McCoury: banjo
Jason Carter: fiddle
Mike Bubb: bass

1) Felton Pruitt intro
2) (?) mando intro > Don’t Let My Love Get In the Way
3) A Good Man Like Me
4) Beauty of My Dreams
5) Try Me One More Time
6) Lee Highway Blues
7) Highway of Pain
8) Pike County Breakdown
9) Rock Hearts
10) Who Showed Who
11) (?) fiddle banjo tune
12) You’ll Find Her Name Written There
13) I Could Change My Mind
14) Dusty Miller
15) High On A Mountain
16) White House Blues
17) If You’ve Got the Money .
18) outro

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