Depeche Mode - Devotional Tour 1993
Stockholm, The Globe 1993-05-29

Crystal Cat bootleg
Very good audience recording

On my orginal audio CDs track 1 on disc 1 is a Intro and track 2 is Higher Love. On cover art that is not notet so all songs are miss numberd. I merged track 1 & 2 to correct that, as the intro part is only 90 sec and not a real into I don't think anyone will mind that.

Silver CD > EAC > Wave > flac

Disc 1
01 - Higher Love
02 - Policy of Truth
03 - World In My Eyes
04 - Walking In My Shoes
05 - Behind The Wheel
06 - Halo
07 - Stripped
08 - Condemnation
09 - A Question Of Lust
10 - Death's Door

Disc 2
01 - Mercy In You
02 - I Feel You
03 - Never Let Me Down Again
04 - Rush
05 - In Your Room
06 - Personal Jesus
07 - Enjoy The Silence
08 - Fly On The Windscreen
09 - Everything Counts

Comments: A great sounding boot from the first leg of the Devotional Tour. The band are still getting settled into performing again, but give an excellent show, despite not a lot of energy, and the occasional vocal dropout by Dave. A crystal clear audio track, with very close sounding music and vocals make this a must have for any bootleg collector. One minor short buzzing audio problem during WIME is the only flaw. A scary moment during the show is in between Mercy In You and I Feel You, Dave says "a pair of scissors? ha ha. I'm not cutting my fucking hair, so get over it!" Actualy someone trough up a pair of scissors on stage! I know cos I saw it fly trough the sky landing just a meter or so from Dave. I can only imagine what would happend if it had hit him, at best they cut the show and at worst Dave seriously hurt. Morons are everywere, even on DM concerts.