Depeche Mode
Venue:Shoreline Amphitheater (in Mountainview)
City/State/Country:San Francisco,California,USA
Date:May 14,1994

Sound Quality:Extremely Excellent
Lineage:Pro-Shot Video?->DAT?->CDR->EAC->Flac Frontend (level 8)
Taped by:??
Transfered by:??

Bootleg Title:(several names exist)
File Size: 552MB FLAC
Decompressed .wav size:902 MB

1>Rush (Nitrate Mix)
3>Behind The Wheel
4>Everything Counts
5>World In My Eyes
6>Walking In My Shoes
9>I Want You Now

1>In Your Room
2>Never Let Me Down Again
3>I Feel You
4>Personal Jesus
6>Enjoy The Silence
7>A Question Of Time

1. This is the one complete SBD recording circulating from the "Songs of Faith and Devotion" era. The Devotional home video release, Honolulu (3/26/94),and Santiago de Chile (4/10/94) are all incomplete. A complete SBD recording (either audio or video) is rumored to exist from the last show of the Summer USA '94 Tour in Indianapolis.
See my list of Rumored Recordings here:

2. This San Francisco show was from close to the beginning of the Summer USA '94 Tour. In my opinion, probably the best show, sound and performance-wise of this era,and one of their best ever.

3. Andy Fletcher was replaced by Daryl Bamonte for this leg. (actually, the 3/26 Honolulu show was Fletch's last show)

4. The most common rumor about this show is that it is source from a pro-shot video. That video hasn't surfaced,so it's hard to say exactly.

5. A few different versions of this exist, under different titles: "Walking In My Boots","Rated PG",etc.

6. So far, this is the purest version of this show I've seen-.mp3-free.

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