Depeche Mode
The Singles Tour

Do Not Encode to mp3!!!!!!!!!!!!

DAT(?)->CD-R->Free CD Ripper->WAV->FLAC
Quality: 10/10

Disc 1:

01. Painkiller
02. A Question Of Time
03. World In My Eyes
04. Policy Of Truth
05. It's No Good
06. Never Let Me Down Again
07. Walking In My Shoes
08. Only When I Lose Myself
09. A Question Of Lust
10. Home

Disc 2:

01. Condemnation
02. In Your Room
03. Useless
04. Enjoy The Silence
05. Personal Jesus
06. Barrel Of A Gun
07. Somebody
08. Stripped
09. I Feel You
10. I Just Can't Get Enough

I already had this lined up as a request. so here is another DM show. two in one day! enjoy everyone. this is a DAT sourced show. I am not sure about the equipment though. I am thinking Cardiroid mics though. some parts of the show the person next to the taper asks questions. its quite funny. I will post Honolulu later this week. or if someone else wants to it would be appreciated as I have posted 3 DM shows. so people share more DM shows!