Ani Difranco
The F-Word Tour
June 14, 1999
Wolftrap Filene Center
Vienna, Va

This is a rip off cdrs I got straight from a taper a week after the show. It is available elsewhere in mp3, but this is a lossless version from the cdrs I was sent.
cdrs -> freerip -> Flac FrontEnd

Taper: Mark Harvey

Disk 1:
01. Introduction
02. Shameless
03. Virtue
04. A Mighty Man (Chat)
05. Little Plastic Castle
06. Fuel
07. Two Little Girls
08. Open to Interpretation (Chat)
09. Cloud Bloud
10. Letter to a John
11. Pulse
12. You're Just Being Nice (Chat)
13. Hello Birmingham
14. Shy

Disk 2:
01. Angry Anymore
02. Coming Up
03. Up Up Up Up Up Up
04. Not So Soft
05. Cradle and All
06. Anticipate
07. The Diner
08. Jukebox
09. To the Teeth*

There were 4 more tracks included on the cdrs I was sent, but they were bonus tracks the taper included from 2 18 99, and I don't know anything about them, eg. generation, so I didn't include them.

Original Usenet Post,, Jun 15 1999, 3:00 am:

>> Here is your chance to hear the opening night of the "F Word Tour" from row F
of the Wolftrap. The recording is an audience recording to DAT that I will be
transferring to CDR. I do not have a set list yet and I have not listened to
much of the tape but I think it sounds great so far. It will probably take me
a week or so to get ready to make copies.

As a gesture of gratitude to other Ani fans who have sent me tapes when I had
little or noting to trade, I will make a copy of this show for Blanks +
Postage for the first 15 people that respond to this message.

I am sure this post will generate a flood of email so please be understanding
if you are #16 and I am not able to make you a copy. (Last year I received
over 80 requests for a copy of the Wolftrap show.)

Once I have received the requests I will send a reply email with the rules and
guidelines for this trade. (I can tell you rule #1 right now: I want a blood
oath that I will not find this show being sold on Ebay or exploited
commercially in any way!)