Dire Straits - 1977-1980!! "The Demos" - SOUNDBOARD - rare and unique recording!

Various 1977-1980

A. Recorded in 1977
B. Recorded in 1980
C. Recorded in 1978
D. Recorded in 1977 (from Honky Tonk Demos CD)
E. Recorded in 1980

source: Soundboard
Format : 1 CDR
quality :varies (8 - 9+)


1. Down to the waterline [A]
2. Water of love [A]
3. Setting me up [A]
4. Six blade knife [A]
5. Southbound again [A]
6. In the gallery [A]
7. Wild west end [A]
8. Eastbound train [A]
9. Real girl [A]
10. Unknown title [B]
11. Making movies [B]
12. Solid rock [B]
13. Where do you think you're going? [C]
14. Sultans of swing [D]** (not included , officialy released)
15. Tunnel of love [E]


comments J v Tol

The sound quality varies.
It has got better sound than the original silver pressed bootleg "Early demos", corrected speed, better bass and other things has been remastered.

Contains rare songs for example.

Making movies (Demo)
Real girl and (Demo)
Solid rock (Demo)
Tunnel of Love (Demo)


Comments Jean-S├ębastien Brasme :

Totally unique recording!

It includes the first version of early Dire Straits songs.

Unreleased songs 'Making Movies' and 'Real Girl' plus and unknow track.

I recommand this CD to all Dire Straits fans.

Enlight note:

**Sultans of Swing [D] is not in the file, because it has been officialy released on a vinyl B-side,
i was forgotten to keep it out the first time i upped , sorry for that!
(Direct too the same file-direction as the first upload)!!
Thanks to the mods and others for notifying!!

Further non of the demo's recording (dub,sample,raw parts..etc) has been used in any official releases!!

lovely cover-art (thx KTGA),flaclog,MD5 Included

take care and enjoy