Ani Difranco
July 24th, 1999
Falcon Ridge Folk Festival
Hillsdale NY

Format: SHN (via mkwACT 0.97 beta 1)
Size: 334 MB

Source: Schoeps MK4->Schoeps CMC64->Sonosax SXM2->Sony TCD-D8->Tascam DAP-1

Transfer: Sony TCD-D8->DIO2448->Cool Edit Pro 2.0->CDWav->SHN

Taper: JasonR/Nate DeRose
Transfer: Daniel Godwin

1. Fuel
2. Angry Anymore
3. 'Tis of Thee
4. Up Up Up Up Up Up
5. Coming Up
6. Cradle And All
7. Not A Pretty Girl
8. Hello Birmingham
9. If He Tries Anything
10. I Know This Bar
11. Back Back Back
12. Shy
13. My IQ
14. Shameless
15. To the Teeth

Notes: Fade in/out at beginning/end of set. Questions, email me: