Artist: Dire Straits
Date: October 19, 1978 (19.10.78)
Title: Once Upon a Time in Rotterdam 1978


1. Down to the Waterline
2. Six Blade Knife
3. Water of Love
4. Once Upon a Time in the West
5. Lady Writer
6. In the Gallery
7. Wild West End
8. What's the Matter Baby
9. Lions
10. Sultans of Swing
11. Eastbound Train
12. Southbound Again
13. Radio Reporter Outro: "That was Dire Straits...(speaking in Dutch)"
(maybe a Dutch downloader could post a translation ?)

Information about this show:
This was an FM concert that was broadcast live and subsequently re-broadcast with a different setlist. The torrent before this one was sourced from either the Live Storm or Golden Stars release of the show. This version is slightly more complete as it includes Southbound Again and is homemade CD unlike the other unofficial releases.

It is unknown which broadcast this is taken from. This show was also broadcast on Dutch radio a few months ago as part of "Octoberfest" (?)- but I listened to the web cast and it was missing "Water of Love" and "In the Gallery". Thus, so far this is the best and most complete version.

The band was in top form for this performance.

Sound quality:
Pretty good- better than the other releases of the show. It sounds as if this is sourced from a tape that is somewhat closer to the master. Some radio noise at times. Frequency/spectral analysis looks fine to me, and that's considering I've tested many shows.

The lineage is unknown. This is all I know:
FM -> ? -> CD-R(unknown gen) -> .WAV (EAC) -> .flac