Dire Straits

April 1, 1979
The Boarding House, San Francisco CA

Source: SBD > master reel > DAT(s)
Conversion: Tascam DA-20 @ 48.0 kHz > ZA-2 resample to 44.1kHz on the fly > HD using Cool Edit > CDWave > track waves > CD-R master using CDRWin
Extraction: CD-R master > EAC > HD > MKW shorten > .shn

Brought to by Uncle John, johm@coresoft.com.

Note - The DAT didn't have a setlist, so I didn't risk exposing my ignorance

by trying to come up with all the track titles. If you know them, please send them
to me!

1) Down to the Waterline Intro >
2) Down to the Waterline
3) Six Blade Knife
4) In the Gallery
5) Whats the Matter Baby
6) Water of Love
7) Sultans of Swing
8) Wild West End
9) Eastbound Train