Source : Live in '85 (Bootleg DLP coloured vinyl)
Date & Venue : Live in Sttutgart, Hans-Martin-Schleyer Halle, 19.10.1985

Mastering notes :
Played on Ion iT TUSB05
Soundcard : Soundblaster Audigy LS (96-24)
Surface noise removal : Sony Soundforge Click and Crackle Removal plug-in
Speed correction (105.5%) : Adobe Audition
Tracks index with CD Wave
Converted to Flac (level 8) with dBPowerAmp

Track Listing (as played) :

A01 Ride across the river
A02 Expresso love
A03 One world
A04 Romeo and Juliet
B01 Private investigations
B02 Sultans of swing
D01 Why worry ?
B03 Walk of life
B04 Two young lovers
D02 Money for nothing
C01 Wild west end
C02 Tunnel of love
D03 Brothers in arms
D04 Solid rock
D05 Going home

Notes : This is a very nice audience recording. Not the best sounding concert but very enjoyable. The sound is well balenced, and even if there are some chatters and clapping, you can play it loud as written on the sleeve ;-)
I have a very special link to this concert as it is the very first ever bootleg LP I bought. What an adventure that was !

In order to fit on a DLP, the music has been accelerated and shuffled on the four sides. This has been repaired.
There are also some slight edits, mainly during applause so it's not a big deal.
Total duration : 02h08min (!!!)
Total Size : 2.96GB

Original artwork scans included.

Note : LP original running order doesn't follow the concert order.
This release has it as it was played.

LP track listing :

A1 Ride Across The River 8:28
A2 Expresso Love 7:02
A3 One World 5:15
A4 Romeo & Juliet 10:30
B1 Private Investigations 8:00
B2 Sultans Of Swing 11:42
B3 Walk Of Live 5:00
B4 Two Young Lovers 5:20
C1 Wild West End 11:00
C2 Tunnel Of Love 19:10
D1 Why Worry 7:30
D2 Money For Nothing 7:50
D3 Brothers In Arms 8:43
D4 Solid Rock 4:35
D5 Going Home 4:35

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