Dire Straits - 1985-10-25 Johanneshov, Stockholm, Sweden. Enlight 2010 remaster ( samples incl.)

****ENLIGHT 2010 remaster****

Dire Straits
Johanneshov, Stockholm Sweden
25th October 1985


CD 1

1. Ride Across The River
2. Expresso Love
3. One World
4. Romeo and Juliet
5. Private Investigations
6. Sultans of Swing
7. Why Worry (Europe long version)
8. Walk Of Life
9. Two Young Lovers

CD 2

1. Money For Nothing
2. Wild West End
3. Tunnel Of Love
4. Brothers In Arms
5. Solid Rock
6. Going Home (Local Hero )

Comments tripod:
Complete setlist. Great performances too. Money For Nothing rocks even more than usual, and also a very nice Brothers In Arms.
Also, hearing these fantastic '85 versions of Expresso Love, always makes my day :-).

BB quote:

"Enlight upgraded this nice original recording into a newborn baby sound , without the crying and diaper changing , I love it, close to soundboard man,
great job"


all tracks are volume-normalized separate, using an adaptive mode ( no peak to peak or replaygain is used)! some crackles have been removed <10% ,
peak restoration between -0.1 and -0.9!,
Slight noise removed 20%-6.0dB reduction for the cleaning part some eq change are carefully made,overall dynamic loudness +15% high-quality mode.
this make's the sound smoother, but still keeps its rawness. Nothing has been add /edited to,in or out the orig source !!

For those who dont care about all those info-crap above..............Its sounds great!!!!!!!

but Listen too the samples and decide to grab or, not to grab!!


Really impressive versions of some songs.

thx BB (as promised)

take care

Another request.
a remaster i did back in 2010 of the 1985 Stockholm gig and what a gig this is.
thanks to BB for the lovely line back then.

back to the show , an absolute powerful and great gig.
wonderful outro during why whory.
stunning version of Tunnel of love.

the thing about the close to soundboard sound quality is that as the "remaster" i cannot give an opinion
about it , so there are the samples ( as always) and convince yourself if this is one of the best audience recording during the Europe leg of the tour.

the cover-art was created by me in the days before i asked my friend Andrea82 to help me out with most of the art i needed,
it was from that point i never created any cover-art myself, because he was and still is a master in it.(and more)
Maybe he will provide a better one than the one included , you may wanna ask him nicely.

relax ,enjoy and stay healthy
Enlight (2016-02-19)