Dire Straits - 1985-12-09 "Happy Birthday jack!" Apollo, Manchester, UK. good sound, great show (samples included)

Dire Straits
Apollo, Manchester, UK.

source: audience

CD 1:

1. Ride across the river
2. Expresso love
3. One world
4. Romeo and Juliet
5. Private investigations
6. Sultans of swing
7. Why worry ( Mark makes fun off the better cover by the Everly Brothers**just released then***)
8. Walk of life (anybody recording this show??, out off tune version)

CD 2:

1. Two young lovers
2. Money for nothing
3. Wild west end (great Jack sonni guitar-solo during outro)
4. Tunnel of love
5. Brothers in arms
6. Solid rock
7. Happy birthday to Jack Sonni
8. Going home (with happy birtday tunes at the beginning and the end)
9. Audience outro

Mark Knopfler - lead guitar, lead vocals
Jack Sonni - rhythm guitar (***)
John Illsley - bass guitar, backing vocals
Alan Clark - keyboards
Guy Fletcher - synthesizer, backing vocals
Terry Williams - drums
Chris White - saxophone

Enlight comment:

The third of the four shows played in Manchester dec, 1985

A great show, with a lot nice ,funny and rare moments, to much to mention all!!,

The first thing is that it was Jack Sonni's 31th birthday, and the audience sings happy birthday for him with help from the band. At the beginning of Going home, Guy plays the happy birth tune on his keyboard, Mark takes the tune over on his guitart,and the audience sings along again, and Guy fades in again and together they work to the start of going home. At the end of Going home Allan plays happy bithday fast on his piano (key),

Mark Knopfler changed some lyrics a bit:

R and J :"i don't do the the talk,like the talk what we do"

wild west end : "and a gogo-girl, tonight I saw here, and Jacky said: there is a party in the foyer".


Also Jack Sonni plays an bit longer different and outstanding solo during the outro of Wild west end,(maybe a birthday (jam) present from Mark ) Using his wahwah-guitarpedal a lot, and some fretboard finger-tippin'.

a verry funny thing during walk of life is the out off tune singing by Mark, which he did more often sometimes.

After Mark tells the audience that his guitar is not working properly tonight, he says to the audience:

" you can do the singing....thats pretty good...you all keep singing so that i Can fix it allright??"" .I guess it was his guitar problem and the audience "singing" that Mark suddenly says:

""Is anybody recording this show tonight??.......yeah??....well get this.... lalala lalalala lalala lalalala (very out of tune)....tweday day day...if you can't sing the tune,sing out of tune nobody cares". to make fun of the tapers!!

great audience, great show, with all those things mentioned and a stunning performance.


(***)(2010-08-21)Enlight extra note:

Jack Sonni( a real nice man) was the (rhythm) guitarist in Mark's Dire Straits band during the 1985/86 Brothers in Arms tour, quick during the tour he became one of the favourite audience bandmember, steeling the show time after time.........after that tour Jack was gone, never to return back, not during the Nelson Mandela Concert, where Mark gave his congratulations too him, because Jack was a father of two little baby girlsback then,and was replaced by Eric Clapton.....,during the 1991/92 on every street tour, there was no Jack Sonni (replaced by Phil Palmer), it seems that Jack was disappeared after the last 1985/86 sydney show............where was Jack for almost 25 years and why????

read his own story , his plans, and why he joined into the Italy's Monte San Giovanni Campano Dire Straits tribute gig with, Allan Clark, mell Collins, Phil Plamer, and Marco Caviglia's band, on the 31st July!

A great story to read.


so, this one is upped in memory of Jack Sonni's "Glory days".

Keep it up Jack


have fun and enjoy

cover-art (thx to KTGA) ,Md5,flaclog Included

take care
requested reseed.
one of mine favourite 1985 UK gigs.
Mark and the boys in a very,very good mood.

pls visit Jack's new media project "Virtually Real Friends" here:

so again, have fun and enjoy!

relax and stay healthy
Enlight (2013-11-30)