Dire Straits - 1991-10-12, Munchen, Olympiahalle,Germany. 2nd night in Munich. (samples included)

corrected orig info (setlist):
Dire Straits

Munchen, Olympiahalle

12. Oktober 1991


CD 01
01.) Calling Elvis 10:21
02.) Walk of life 5:36
03.) Heavy fuel 4:44-
04.) Romeo and Juliet 12:31
05.) Planet of New Orleans 10:32
06.) The bug 5:03
07.) Private investigations 8:54

CD 02

08.) Sultans of swing 12:09
09.) On every street >Iron hand>Two young Lovers 15:49
10.) Telegraph road part1 5:25
11.) Telegraph road part2 7:49
12.) Money for nothing 7:42
13.) Brothers in arms 9:03
14.) Solid rock 6:50

total playtime: 122:34

Source: Master Aud mit Sony WMD6C + ECM 155 Double + Maxell MX
incl. Artwork T163AU

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end corrected info (setlist)
Enlight note:
All credits to the original taper/ uploader

The original info has some mistakes in the setlist on CD2 which i corrected ( the orig info file is still in the torrent),
these incorrect info file was blindly copy/paste to some bootlegsites.
Also notice that the setlist on the cover art is incorrect. (feel free to create a correct one)
check confirmation links:

Nice to see the rarely played "Iron hand". (Track 09)
As during the first night in Munich the band in a good mood , another killer solo during Planet of New Orleans.
Nice/good sound quality , although some instruments are sounding a bit far away.

Complete concert

Enjoy,relax and stay healthy
Enlight 2016-02-24