Dirty Three
KWVA FM 88.1 FM Radio session, University of Oregon, Eugene, Oregon

Lineage: pre-FM or FM > cassette (master) > cd-r (master) > cd-r (2nd gen) > Flac > you

01 Sue's Last Ride (6:48)
02 Suzanne (6:15)
03 Turk (11:13)

Date was originally said to be 1996, then September 26th added later, but it looks like it's actually from 26th September 1995 based on concert chronology from here (http://www.fromthearchives.com/dt/chronology.html).

The notes below are taken from the initial upload to dime back in 2006 by sleeve.
This is my first upload in a while, thanks to all here.
This is a recently surfaced recording of the Dirty Three live in the studio of radio station KWVA in Eugene, Oregon (USA) sometime in 1996. It is either pre-FM or FM, most likely a master cassette to CDR, recorded onto my 2nd gen CDR. I encoded it to FLAC on a Mac G4.
Most exciting is the inclusion of a version of Leonard Cohen's "Suzanne", never released on any official or bootleg recording I have heard.

einzack (2017-06-30)