Dirty Three - 95-09-08 - Cat's Cradle, Carrboro, NC -flac


For those who are not familiar with Dirty Three, they make beautiful and majestic music with violin, guitar and drums. (Although you may wonder about that statement after hearing this; they sound quite a bit different live than in studio.)
This is from a disc I bought on ebay. I chose it as my first seed because I still see it on there once in a while.
As to the sound quality, it sounds great to me. You will find yourself cranking the volume on the quieter passages, but it is nicely dynamic.


01 - intro
02 - At the Bar with the Dirty Three
03 - Everything's Fucked
04 - Sue's Last Ride
05 - Indian Love Song
06 - I Remember a Time When Once You Used to Love Me
07 - My Best Friend is My Toaster
08 - Mick's Love Song
09 - Dirty Equation

Dirty Three are:
Warren Ellis - violin
Mick Turner - guitar
Jim White - drums