Dirty Three

August 26 (might be 25?) 2000

1. 1000 Miles
2. Some Summers They Drop Like Flies
3. Everything's Fucked
4. SUe's Last Ride
5. Deep Waters

The lineage, as I have it, goes like this:

Taped by Carvalho
Coresound Cardioid>MD>CoolEditPro>CI

these files are CDR>EAC>WAV>FLAC

This is a solid show, though probably not a classic. I've never been to Pukkelpop so I don't know the setup, but I'm imagining a second stage performance to an audience that's 1/3 interested and 2/3 curious. The band plays well, but there isn't the interactive spark that's in their smaller shows.

Warren's intros are at the end of each track, in keeping with typical tracking norms. With the D3 I always like to have them at the head of each track, but this wasn't my edit.

There is cover art on my copy, but honestly it's not worth the bother of scanning. Just a couple low-res JPGs and a Pukkelpop logo slapped on a white background. Whatever Nero coughs out will be as good. If someone is desperate for the 'original' art, I suppose I can post it as an attachment.