Dirty Three
Le Rock Dans Tout Ses Etats Festival
Evreux, France

Warren Ellis - violin
Mick Turner - guitar
Jim White - drums

aud md? >> ?? >> cdr # ? >> EAC >> flac level 6

146 M

1 - Some Summers They Drop Like Flies
2 - Sue's Last Ride
3 - Everthing's Fucked
4 - Sea Above, Sky Below
5 - No Stranger Than That

** Suggested title - "Battle of the Bands".

** This is (presumably) an outdoor show. The 3 are (presumably) playing some distance away from the (presumably) main stage. There is an almost constant thumping coming from the (presumably) main stage area. The 3 soldier on however and give what must have been a wonderful performance from close up.

** The other band's thumping is mainly only audible between songs. One can only say that the venue and the circumstances sucked.

** B-

** Thanks to scroon for the disc.