Dirty Three
Saint Nazaire - Le VIP

sony himd mz-rh910---->sdbd---->cooledit/sonicstage---->you

01 intro
02 some summers they drop like flies
03 backwards voyager
04 the last night
05 the zither player
06 authentic celestial music
07 sea above, sky below
08 everything's fucked
09 hope
10 some things i just dont want to know

I hope you like this show as much as i loved witnessing it. The band was on fine form, even though they lacked the crazyness displayed at the route du rock festival last saturday. Warren started the gig with jokes about the microphone smelling badly. There are a few intermissions in french which is always pleasing thanks to his special french.
The sound is really clear and every instrument distinct. A big thank you to the soundguy at the VIP who plugged me in in no time and who acted really nice (unlike the Route du Rock people who just wouldn't have anything to do with it).
Now i don't have any clue as to why sonicstage wouldn't let me upload Authentic Celestial Music on the computer (i really hate this fucking program !). As a result i had to transfer the song via cool edit. Only after having erased the show from my minidisc did i realize that the sound on it is full of hiss. I contacted a friend who saved many recordings in the past but it didn't work out. So i decided to include the song as it is, hoping that someone could fix it (that'd be awesome). Other than that, i didn't notice any other flaws. So if you feel kind of bummed by this, know that i am super frustrated about it !
Here is the setlist for the show (quite an unexpected / great one at that too) :

Feel free to leave some comments, praise, insults and what not.