Dirty Three
Bootleg Theater, Los Angeles, CA

1. _
2. Rain Song (or I Was A Fuckin' Hemorrhoid)
3. _
4. Sometimes I Forget You've Gone
5. _
6. The Pier (or Fuck You, World, I'm Going It Alone)
7. _
8. Sea Above, Sky Below (or Sea Above, Sky Fucked My Ass) with singalong
9. The Zither Player
10. _
11. Everything Is Fucked
12. Some Summers (They Drop Like Flies)
13. _
14. Ashen Snow
15. (encore break)
16. Sue's Last Ride (or It's A Fucking Bummer To Die)
17. Alice Wading
18. _

Warren Ellis: electric violin, electric piano
Mick Turner: electric guitar
Jim White: drums

Untitled songs (_) are hilarious rants/song intros by Warren, and are also the source of the alternate song titles. Holy shit this was an awesome show. My whoops and hollers are the loudest on the recording, it was impossible not to expell these sounds from my body during the show.

Do not sell, freely trade, buy band's records, CDs, merchandise, tip your waitress

iPhone 3s->FiRe app->Audacity->flac