Dirty Three
Sunday 18 November 2012
Gent, Belgium

Lineage: CA-11 > CA-9100 Preamp > iRiver H320 + Rockbox > Audacity [switch channels] > Har-Bal v2.3 Revision 3 [EQ & extra dBs] > Wavelab 6.10 build 340 [plugins: Magneto 1.5, D82 Sonic Maximizer and Waves L3 Ultramaximizer] > CD Wave Editor v1.98 > Audacity [fade in/out, de-amplify a few plops] > Trader's Little Helper > Mp3Tag > Flac
Position: ~5 meters from stage, left of stage
Mics: clamped to chest
Recorded by _tunic_ [last.fm/user/_tunic_]
Remastered by Grigio
Duration: 2h02m55s

01 Rain Song Intro
02 Rain Song > Furnace Skies
03 Sometimes ... Intro
04 Sometimes I Forget You’ve Gone
05 The Pier Intro
06 The Pier > Rising Below
07 Sea Above ... Intro //
08 \\ Sea Above, Sky Below
09 The Restless Waves
10 The Zither Player
11 Everything’s Fucked Intro
12 Everything’s Fucked
13 Ashen Snow > Ends Of The Earth
14 Sue ... Intro
15 Sue's Last Ride

Warren Ellis - violin, keys, banter
Mick Turner - guitar
Jim White - drums


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This was the second time this year (and also in my entire life) I got the chance to see Dirty Three. First time was at the AB main hall, this time it was at the much smaller balzaal, up the stairs at the Vooruit in Gent, with a maximum capacity of less than 500 people. And I think I found myself a pretty good place for taping again, about 5 meters from the stage, on the left side. Fortunately most of the rowdy people were standing on the other side of the stage. So there's not that much obstruction from the people around me. Except for that one guy that makes a hideous noise (as if being strangled ?) at 6 minutes into Sue's Last Ride, just as the band quietens down (WHY?).
As happy as I was with my Brussels capture, this one might even be sounding better. The mix was splendid, especially Jim's drums. Unfortunately this is not a perfect recording though. The good news is, there's no mobile phone interference like on the Brussels recording, but this time I did accidentally unplug a cable while I was checking the levels. This was at the beginning of Sea Above, Sky Below. About 5 seconds are missing. The start of the song is at the end of track 7, then continues after the split in track 8. I added small fades in between. But sound quality wise, it came out great, and Grigio's mastering skills made it even better. Especially Warren's keys sound better than they did live. They were much colder (not sure how to describe it otherwise).
Once again, creating a setlist for this show was quite the puzzle, please let me know if I screwed it up somewhere. I decided to split most if not all of the banter into separate tracks, just for my personal enjoyment. And some songs were not split, as I couldn't really tell where the next song actually started.
Zun Zun Equi was the support act tonight, but was not recorded.

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