Dirty Three

Glee Club
Hurst Street

Tuesday 20th November 2012

supported by Zun Zun Egui

CA-14 cardioids > SP-SPSB-11 (no bass roll-off) > Edirol R-09HR (24bit/44.1k)
> Audacity (normalize, mild EQ, limit applause, fades, export as 16bit/44.1k) > CDWave (tracking) > TLH (flac, checksum)

**Please read the notes on the recording below**

01 Warren - housekeeping issues
02 Rain Song
03 Furnace Skies
04 Warren - emailing dead people
05 Sometimes I Forget You've Gone
06 Warren - taking the whole world for coffee
07 The Pier
08 Warren - lights and shades
09 Last Horse On The Sand
10 Some Summers They Drop Like Flys
11 The Zither Player
12 Warren - valley of Pauls
13 Ashen Snow
14 encore break
15 Warren fetches a beer for the girl whose sunglasses he'd borrowed
16 Hope

Set length [125:54]

NB - the tracking here could well be hopelessly inaccurate. There are several lengthy tracks which could easily be two or even three songs.
In particular, Ashen Snow is substantially longer than the recorded version.
Any assistance with completing the tracklist would be appreciated. If you can identify further songs within those I've tracked as one song, please could you give some indication of where the track should be split?

Warren Ellis - violin, piano, whooping and hollering, tall tales
Jim White - drums
Mick Turner - guitar



Well-attended and very enjoyable show.
Dirty Three arrived on stage around 9.30pm. The encore break was around 11pm. Many people left at this point to catch buses and trains, and the crowd continued to diminish through the encores. I've been going to gigs at the Glee Club for many years and I can't ever remember leaving after 11pm - they're usually pretty rigid with their curfew.

Recorded centrally, approx 15 ft from the stage. The sound in the Glee Club is always good and was again here. I was getting a good signal on the recorder - the master wav peaks at approx -3db - but for some reason the recording seems really quiet. It was noticeable that the band were never as loud later in the show as they were during the first 10 minutes.
It's a decent recording with consistent sound but it benefits from being turned up!

And yes, the first word Warren said was 'Fuck'. Set the tone for the rest of the evening really.

November 2012