The Dirty Three
with special guest Nick Cave

Sydney, Feedback January 10, 1995

Warren Ellis (violin), Mick Turner (guitar), Jim White (drums)
Nick Cave vocals on (*)

Nick Cave travelled along with the Dirty Three during their
January 1995 tour and he joined on stage at several occasions.
Thanks to the taper DP, at least this nice one was captured!


01 At the bar with Dirty Three
02 Everything's fucked
03 Better go home now
04 I remember a time when once you used to love me
05 My best friend is my toaster
06 I knew it would turn out like this
07 Mick's love song (also known as: The last night)
08 Running scared (*)
09 Tupelo (*)
10 Lucy (*)
11 Dirty equation
12 Wanted man (*)

From the soundcheck:

13 Helpless (*)

The show (tracks 1-12) will just fit on one CD.

My tape is a copy from the DAT master audience recording.
Further Lineage: Sony TC-WE475 -> wav (audacity) -> flac (level 8) (tlh)

Quality indication: VG+