Don Williams

Live in Holland
December 1975
Exact date and location unknown
Radio broadcast Hilversum 3 (FM)
uncirculated (best to my knowledge)


01 I wouldn't want to live (if you didn't love me)
02 Fly away
03 She's is in love with a rodeoman
04 You're my best friend
05 Turn out the light and love me tonight
06 Just a ghost story

Recorded from radio in 1975 -> transferred to HD on 2017.09.09 -> editing and sound adjustments -> WAV on HD -> Flac -> Dime -> you

Reading this morning that Don Williams had passed away I suddenly realized I had recorded a radioconcert of him in the 70'.

I searched and found it and here it is.It is not the complete concert but's all that was on that cassette.
Yesterday someone "accused" me of quite nusual upload on Dime with the Chip Taylor recording. Well how about this one???