May 15 1987
Portland, OR

low gen cassette>playback on Sony TC-WE305 deck>TDK DA-3826 standalone burner>

1 soundcheck
2 Five Year Plan
3 Redline
4 The Explorer
5 Karma
6 tuning and sound adjustments
7 Soup Kitchen
8 Mad Man
9 A Coffin
10 Couch Slouch
11 Fun 'N' Games
12 Yes Ma'am
13 Reaganomics
14 Commuter Man
15 Decisions
16 I.D.K.Y.
17 Tear It Down
18 No Religion
19 How To Act
20 Shame
21 Stupid, Stupid War
22 Probation
23 Marriage
24&25 Blockhead
26 Oblivion
27 It's Sad To Be
28 Go Die
29 Argument Than War
30 Nursing Home Blues
31 I Don't Need Society
32 Violent Pacification
33 Hooked

I recieved this tape in a trade many,many years ago. I converted it to CDR back in 2003. This is a very nice audience recording.
Sound is nice and even and really good for the times. There are a few spots in it where one channel get lower than the other but
this recording is REALLY good and the band is on fire!!! One of my favorite recordings and shows of them.