artist: Edward Ka-Spel
date: 15 octobre 2005
venue: Bibliotheque Herge
city: Paris
country: France
source: Aud
gen: Master
taper: Renaud

Sony MD MZ-NHF 800 + Sony ECM 907 mic > Sonicstage > WAV > AUDACITY (split tracks, fade in, fade out) > TLH > FLAC (level 8) > DIME

The Legendary Pink Dots played two nights at l'Echangeur, in Bagnolet, near Paris, in october 2005.
Edward Ka-Spel opened the first night (14 oct) with solo performance, Silverman opened the second night (15 oct).

In the afternoon of october 15, Edward Ka-Spel played a special performance in a library, in north of Paris.
As i can remember, informations about this mini performance were only given the night before, during lpd show.

We were no more than fifty to see Edward that afternoon in the Bibliotheque Herge.

Edward played three tracks in a minimal configuration. The second track seems to be a complete improvisation.
Any help about track list is welcome.


01 track one
02 track two
03 track three

Total Playtime: 32:41 min

Enjoy and, of course, do not sell

Sing while you may