Edward Ka-Spel

MJC La Fabrique
27 novembre 2015

Master recording
Taper: renaud

Sony Hi-MD MZ-NHF 800 (line in) + Church audio CA Ugly 2 preamp (+10 db) + Church audio CA 14 card. mics > Md master > Sonicstage > WAV > AUDACITY (split tracks, fade in, fade out) > TLH > FLAC (level 8)

Special night to celebrate 30th anniverary of weekly indutrial music radio show "La Nuit des Sauriens" on local radio in Sens, near Paris (Radio Stolliach 90.1 FM).
The name of show ("La Nuit des Sauriens") comes from french minimal electronic music band called Pt˘se. One song of this band is called "La Nuit des Sauriens".

A double 7" single EP was sold that night, featuring five prevuiously unreleased versions of Ptose' La nuit des Sauriens track by Edward Ka-Spel, Pt˘se themselves,Palo Alto and Klimperei & Mme Patate.
You can find informations about this very nice double single here: https://legendarypinkdots1.bandcamp.com/album/creatio-ex-materia-volume-2-a-teaser

The special show featured Edward Ka-Spel as headliner, plus Klimperei & Mme Patate.

It was a beautiful show, few days after nov. 13 horrible night in Paris...

I recorded only EKS show.
I don't know the name of tracks 5 and 7...your help is welcome;

01 Black widow's kiss
02 Flesh parade
03 Love puppets (LPD song)
04 Third secret (LPD song)
05 unknown song
06 Prisoners of war
07 unknown song
08 Poppy day (LPD song)

Sing while you may !