Einsturzende Neubauten
Le Forum Des Halles, Paris

I have often wondered if there are recordings on Dime that no one would really
want to hear. So I thought of uploading this one!

A typically intense performance from the band, featuring the multiple drills on
some tracks

Not clear what any of the tracks are. I've broken down the recording at points
where it appears the audience were clapping, though I've no idea whether these
points are correct!

Lineage: Tape trade, TDK D60, Nakamichi DR-3, Soundforce, WAV, FLAC

Not for the faint hearted!!!


01 ? 14:00
02 ? 25:25
03 ? 28:05
04 ? 35:15
05 ? 42:11
06 ? 49:05

Enjoy - if you can!