Einsturzende Neubauten
Garching, Olof-Palme-Festival
Sept. 12th 1987

AUD -- cassette -- CD-R -- Traders little Helper

01 Sehnsucht
02 Yü Güng
03 Zerstörte Zellen
04 Prometheus
05 unknown
06 Ich bins
07 unknown
08 Letztes Biest
09 Morning Dew
10 unknown
11 Abfackeln

TT: 40:54

I was at this show and it was unbelievable weird. The Neubauten played quiet after
midnight and most of the remaining crowd was drunken. At some point of the show the
Neubauten had some trouble with the security, which ended up in a fight at the front
of the stage. The Toten Hosen immediately jumped in to support the Neubauten. Soon
after that hassle someone disabled the electricity. So this is the complete show
I bought that tape in the "Optimal" record store in Munich a few months later. To
me it sounds close to a soundboard, but I assume that it is a very good audience
recording. That tape is a document of a historical performance and an intolerant
and stupid security. I remember also Nina Hagen played an awful show before
the Neubauten appearance. She was very fat at that time and the music was playback.