Anthrax- Ritz, NYC June 14, 1986

Cassette (1st gen.) > wav (using Onkyo deck and sound Forge 8.0) > flac (using multi frontend)

Metal Thrashing Mad
The Enemy
Madhouse/S.S.C./Across The River/Howling Furies
Soldiers Of Metal
God Save The Queen
Armed And Dangerous

Recently returning from a successful European tour, this was Anthrax’s first hometown show in 3 months. The band’s latest record Spreading The Disease
was gaining momentum, and local fans were eager to see a headline Anthrax show. The last show they played near NYC was a half hour opening slot for Black Sabbath at the Meadowlands Arena in E. Rutherford, NJ, due to Dan Spitz’s brother Dave playing bass for Sabbath on the disastrous Seventh Star tour.

This is a classic Anthrax shows that is possibly one of the last times they played so much material from A Fistful Of Metal. By July, the band began previewing tracks from their forthcoming 1987 album Among The Living and were phasing out the Turbin material.