March 24 1987
Nakano Sun Plaza
Tokyo, Japan

lineage:low gen cassette>playback on Sony TC-WE305 deck>TDK DA-3826 standalone burner>

1 Intro
2 A.I.R.
3 Metal Thrashing Mad
4 Panic
5 The Enemy
6 I Am The Law
7 Madhouse>
8 Dan Spitz solo>
9 Across The River
10 Howling Furies

1 Indians
2 Medusa
3 Armed & Dangerous
4 Charlie Benate solo
5 Sabbath Bloody Sabbath
6 Livin' After Midnight
7 God Save The Queen
8 Gung Ho
9 jammin
10 Soldiers Of Metal

The final show on the 1986-87 Spreading The Disease Tour. A great show
with a lot of early tunes never played after this tour. There is a small gap
during Armed & Dangerous and another at the beginning of Charlie's solo. This is
a great sounding recording of the band when they were still young and on fire.