Elliott Smith
Janurary 4th, 1998
Green Street Grille
Cambridge, MA

Source: Unknown (AUD)

01. Everybody Cares, Everybody Understands (Early Version)
02. Division Day
03. Waltz #2 (xo)
04. Say Yes
05. I Didn't Understand
06. Bled White
07. Clementine
08. Waterloo Sunset (Aborted, Resumed)
09. Rose Parade (Aborted)
10. Shooting Star
11. St Ides Heaven (Aborted)
12. Angeles (Aborted)
13. Miss Misery
14. Filler - Thirteen (Demo)
15. Filler - Tom's Start
16. Filler - Son of Sam
17. Filler - World Cafe Interview

Notes: A classic Elliott show. The show starts out on a high note with
an early version of Everybody Cares (with awesome alternate lyrics). Elliott
complains about problems with his equipment and voice, and several songs are aborted.
The filler is from an unknown source. It was on the track listing of the CD I ripped this
concert from, so I left it on. Thirteen is a Big Star cover, and this demo is aparently from
some nice acoustic session he did somewhere. The sound quality is incredible. Tom's Start
is an early version of Happiness from Figure 8. The only difference between Tom's Start and
Happiness is that the guitar is tuned down two steps for Tom's Start and is in standard
tuning for Happiness. The World Cafe Interview has a dropout for a few seconds. That
dropout is present in every known copy of this particular interview.

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Setlist, notes: http://www.sweetadeline.net/1498.html