Eric SARDINAS and Big Motor, Agen-France Cap Cinema, 10 november 2016, aud SM master

To be honest, i was a bit disappointed while the concert was going on, thinking : sh..., i don't use to be trapped this way, going to a show (in french : je me faisais ch...).
It was probably because i had in mind the music heard on his records; live, Eric sounds more raw and dirty, quite grunge here and there, with weird vocals sometimes and, to me, his slide soloing was not really inventive.
But, as many people were headbanging and shouting their satisfaction around me, i was probably wrong; why to expect more than the band wants to do ? I just was not in the right mood.

Finally, having admited he's not Sonny Landreth and he's free to play his own style, i'm now pleased to listen to my recording (a good one).

Recorded from 2d row, facing right PA with :
2 x DPA 4099 supercard mics - DAD6001 - Zoom H5 (48/24), phantom on.
Downsampled 44/16 wav to PC, Audacity (volume adjustments, just a bit of eq, tracks), FLAC 8 (TLH).

Eric Sardinas, electrified resonator guitar & vocals,
Paul Loranger, Bass
Demi Lee Solorio, Drums

01 Intro
02 Warm Up
03 I'm Worried
04 ...
05 Talk
06 I Can't Be Satisfied
07 Band Intro
08 Down To Whiskey
09 Promoting CD
10 ...
11 Bass And Drums
12 Visiting the audience, unplugged (*)
13 Indian Summer ?
14 I'm Coming Home ?
15 Talk
16 Backdoor Man ?
17 Bad Boy Blues
18 Audience, Happy Birthday Eric, Talk
19 If You Don't Love Me
20 Audience outro

(*) At this point, Eric wanted to visit each side of every audience's row, playing his dobro unplugged for 10 mns; nothing can be heard on the recording except what he played when he came my way.
Track 12 is a short (and noisy) example from this sequence.

Samples in comments.
Photos added in the torrent (some from me, some from the net).

On Dime november 2016, by letsgo.