Etta JAMES, Nice Jazz Festival-France, 14 july 1990, real lossless FM recording with contrast clause

Contrast clause :
A torrent from this show was previously uploaded here (
Considering the weight of the files (343 Mo vs 453 Mo here), the source was probably not FM but something like digital radio or satellite reception.
I'm OK with this kind of recording, i'm enjoying the flawless reception result and sometimes i upload torrents sourced from sat radio (but in compliance with dime's rules, the source is mentionned as long as the bitrate information).
As i think this show is a piece of history and deserves a real lossless post, i'm uploading my recorded FM version if this is useful to some dimers.

Fance Musique FM - Marantz tuner - Zoom H4 - SD card - PC - Audacity (volume, tracks) - FLAC export - md5 with TLH.

The FM signal was 100 % OK. The previous torrent had some short and rare distortion peaks, probably due to the age of the source master tape; same thing here (not annoying).

Etta James (vocals)
David K. Matthews (keyboards)
Josh Sklair (guitar)
Bobby Murray (guitar)
Bobby Vega (bass)
Herman 'Roscoe' Ernest (drums)
Donto James (percussion)
Ronnie Buttacavoli (trumpet)
Kraig Kilby (trombone)
Richard Howell (alto sax)

Setlist :
01 All About My Girl (Instrumental)
02 Hot Pants Road (Instrumental)
03 Love And Happiness
04 Breakin' Up Somebody's Home
05 I'd Rather Go Blind
06 Damn Your Eyes
07 Come To Mama
08 At Last / Trust In Me
09 Sunday Kind Of Love
10 Baby, What You Want Me To Do? (featuring a 8 mns and more improvised introduction)

Total time : 71 ms and 23 sec.

I did 10 tracks so, the nice artwork previously posted will work with this torrent.

Sample in comments.

On dime by letsgo, november 2017.