The Eurythmics
Annie Lenox- vocals
Dave Stewart- keyboards (not the one from Bill Bruford Band)

Kibuki Theater
San Francisco, Ca. U.S.A.
August 21, 1983

"BBC rock hour" FM broadcast master tape
runtime: 50:14

1: radio announcer introduction :23
2: this is the house 5:29
3: never gonna cry again 4:35
4: the walk 4:32
5: take me to your heart 4:03
6: this city never sleeps 5:29
7: satellite of love 3:58
8: sweet dreams 3:52
9: I could give you (a mirror) 4:10
10: band introductions :45
11: love is a stranger 3:45
12: somebody told me 4:02
13: Jennifer 5:06

this concert also had a drummer, 3 backing vocalists, a bassist
and Vic Martin on Keyboards. It's from their tour of the
"Sweet Dreams" album, their 2nd. don't know if this is the
full concert but it is the full broadcast. part of the
introduction was talked over a studio song (sweet dreams)
so I had to remove that part of it but enough of it remains
to get the idea. all the 11 songs are complete.
Do not sell this recording.
Share freely, losslessly and gaplessly.