Well, Annie and Dave. Nuff said. I had to check date and location on db.etree.org because the cover had absolutely no
info about it. Have some fun.

This is Part 3 of 13 from the rips I did from the Silvers I was allowed to borrow from the now closed store I spent the last
12 years as a customer and employee. I ripped and encoded them in an overnight session the night before it closed, about 30
Silvers, and the more interesting (or obscure) I wanted to share with my fellows on TTD and Zomb. One for every year since
1995. Hope you┤ll enjoy that.


Nijmegen, NL

from Silver-CD "Jack Talking - Live In Europe 1984" (The Grand Pick Records TGP 136)

Lineage: Silver-CD > EAC > FLAC Frontend (Level 7 and tested) > TTD/Z÷mb (2007-03-07)

01 The First Cut
02 Never Gonna Cry Again
03 This Is The House
04 Here Comes The Rain Again
05 Regrets
06 The Walk
07 The City Never Sleeps
08 Who┤s That Girl
09 I Could Give (You A Mirror)
10 Take Me To Your Heart
11 Cool Blue
12 Love Is A Stranger
13 Somebody Told Me
14 Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This)
15 Right By Your Side
16 Wrap It Up

Ripped, encoded and uploaded by uninvited94 (TTD) / ak9411 (Zomb).