Faith No More
Date: 1992-12-17
Venue: (Ole) @Palatrussardi, Milan, Italy
Sets: 60min
Media: CDR
Number: 1
Source: radio brdcst > cassette > cdr(1)
Quality: A+

The pre-fm master source circulating since 2001/02 is lossy.
Here is a lossless copy of the Italian radio broadcast. There are many cuts not present on the pre-fm source & this version runs about 5min shorter (no "We Care A Lot" on this version).

Besides the legendary "Phoenix Rising" sbd silver, no other AD tour audio can touch this sound-quality.


3-Falling To Pieces
4-Land Of Sunshine
5-The Crab Song
Midlife Crisis
Chinese Arithmetic
Italian dj chatter
RV (opening chords)
6-dj chatter
RV (continued)
Surprise!You're Dead!
7-Be Aggressive
Introduce Yourself
9-Crack Hitler (incomplete cut @3:24)
10-Woodpecker From Mars (incomplete, interupted by dj @2:36)
dj outro

Special thanks to Ole for this 2006 cassette to cd transfer.