My all-time-favorite concert Iīve ever been to. Donīt know exactly why, but it was definiteley a good time in my life.
Support was SHIHAD, even this has been the best support I ever saw. If there is anybody with a SHIHAD-show from the mid-90s,
please share.

I got this in a trade 2 years ago, "happy" would be the wrong word for what I felt hearing this again after 9 years. The
lineage should be something like this:

DAT > 2-CDR > Copy To Harddrive (via NERO) > WAV > FLAC (Level 7, tested)

Iīd give it an A-. Itīs a raw and dynamic performance, just what I remember to have seen live.

CD 1

01 Intro (John Barry - "Beat Girl")
02 Digging The Grave
03 Be Aggressive
04 Midlife Crisis
05 The Real Thing
06 Land Of Sunshine
07 - talking -
08 Evidence
09 What A Day
10 We Care A Lot
11 Easy (Commodores)
12 Introduce Yourself
13 Get Out

CD 2

01 King For A Day
02 Epic
03 Glory Box (Portishead)
04 Ricochet
05 From Out Of Nowhere
06 Cuckoo For Caca
07 Take This Bottle
08 I Started A Joke (Bee Gees)
09 The Last To Know