Faith No More
20 February 2010
Soundwave Festival
RNA Showgrounds

Taper: Javier -
Location: Ten metres away from the back of the barricade, centre of stage.
Lineage: Giant Squid Audio Lab Cardioid Powered Stereo Microphone w/Battery Box > Sony MD-MT80 [MDSP mode] > Sony Blank 80 min MDs
Transfer: Sony MT80 MD > Audacity - no EQ or modification > WAV > Trader's Little Helper > FLAC L8
01. During Reunited the sound was not transfered to the speakers for the first 45 seconds or so. This is not a problem with the recording.
02. Some audience singing, but that can't ever be avoided.
03. Fantastic show. The band is on fire! Better then the time I saw them in 1997
04. I never got why FNM did "hilarious" songs like Easy, I Started A Joke and This Town... I would have loved to hear As The Worm Turns or some other old tracks in their place... Whatever...
05. Mike Patton got his cock out during Just A Man and showed the entire audience via the camera feeding the big screens.
06. Mike Patton came out with some pearler Brisbane commentary: * Bristastic * Brisalicious * Brisfabulous * Bris-sexy * Bris in my pants * Brisquests?


Main set:
01 Crowd & Reunited
02 From Out Of Nowhere
03 Caffeine
04 Evidence
05 The Gentle Are Of Making Enemies
06 Chinese Arithmetic [Poker Face]
07 Last Cup Of Sorrow
08 Ugly In The Morning
09 Easy
10 Last Cup Of Sorrow
11 Midlife Crisis
12 Surprise You're Dead
13 King For A Day
14 I Started A Joke
15 Epic
16 Just A Man

17 Ole Ole Ole > Aussie Aussie Aussie > Chariots Of Fire
18 Stripsearch
19 This Town Ain't Big Enough For The Both Of Us

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