Faster Pussycat
Stabler Arena, Bethlehem, PA (USA)
October 1, 1992

Equipment: Sony D3 cassette w/stock mic
Lineage: Master TDK SA 90 cassette > Tascam 202MKV > Edirol R09 (16/44) > Adobe Audition 5.5 (level boost/hiss reduction) > CD Waveditor (track) > flac8
Taper: Koondog (a/k/a RushFan)
Transfer & Tracking: Smores

1. Jack The Bastard
2. Where There's A Whip There's A Way
3. Poison Ivy
4. House Of Pain
5. The Body Thief
6. Bathroom Wall

opening for Kiss

***Does anyone have soundboards of the BOSTON shows from the WORCESTER CENTRUM in August 1987???***

This show is from the collection of Koondog (a/k/a RushFan) who was kind enough to share some of his masters for this forum. He is searching for the following: ACCEPT 1993, any CANDLEMASS with Messiah Marcolin, CIRITH UNGOL, early '80's DIAMOND HEAD, GARY MOORE 1984-85 headline shows, KINGS X 1989-91 headline shows, any KYUSS, LOUDNESS 1983-85, MEGADETH 1990-91, METAL CHURCH 1989 headline shows, any TROUBLE/PENTAGRAM/ST.VITUS/THE OBSESSED/SHINE/SPIRIT CARAVAN, THE CULT 1987-1990, or ANY VANDENBERG. Also, if you have masters that you would like to share PLEASE contact me or anyone that is willing to work on them to get them out to the collecting community. Thanks.