Anthrax 1993-09-05 Irvine Meadows, Irvine

Date : 5th Sept. 1993
Venue : Irvine Meadows
City : Irvine, CA

Source : FM broadcast
Lineage : FM broadcast > Maxell CD's II-60 > Onkyo USB Digital Audio Processor SE-U55 > WAV > WaveZ ver. 1.64 (wave file spiltter) > FLAC Level 8
01 DJ Intro
02 Potter's Field
02 Got The Time
03 Room For One More
04 Black Rodge
05 Antisocial
06 Hy Pro Glow
07 In My World
08 Only
09 Theives - Supernaut
10 So What You Want
11 Bring The Noise
12 DJ Outro

Notes :
This is FM broadcast recording master tape. Very small noise exsists, but not annoying at all for me, so no EQ & noise reduction effects were added.

DJ intro and outro in Japanese are included in this torrent, delete those if you don't need it or download the rest part of the torrent.
The program also broadcasted Pantera show and I recorded it, but Pantera 1992-06-27 show has already posted as DVD format here on Dime.
So I can't post it.

While "Stone Temple Pilots 1994-08-22" show and "Green Day 1994-06-05" show were also got from this FM broadcast.
Those shows were not seen here on Dime now from my search, so I'll can post those by some requests.

I like Anthrax, but this era is not favourite era for me, early Anthrax is attractive to me.
So early Anthrax posts would be much appreciated !