Pryor, OK
July 09, 2008

Audience Recording

Church Audio CA-11's > Sound Professionals Battery Box @ 69Hz > Edirol R-09HR > Sony CD Recorder (RCD-W500c) > CD > PC

Recorded And Processed by Motleykiwi

Running Time - 46:54

01. Eddie Trunk Intro
02. Pre-Show Int
03. Intro
04. Overnight Sensation
05. All She Wrote
06. Oughta Be A Law
07. Shake & Tumble
08. Love Of A Lifetime
09. Reach For The Sky
10. We Got The Funk Intro
11. Don't Treat Me Bad

I would rate this as EX- at worst.

This torrent is dedicated to DeconBlues19!

Sorry guys, haven't posted any Rocklahoma shows in a while, been so busy with concerts and stuff, stay tuned for more!
I'm on Rogers up here in Canada and the speeds are throttled and capped so please be patient and I'll make sure everyone
gets it.

Originally posted September 14, 2008.

Please don't sell or post on any other trackers without my consent. It's been brought to my attention people like to grab
recordings, mine included and post them as Mp3's on another tracker. I'm sure I can speak for alot of tapers out there, these
recordings are meant to be enjoyed in the best possible quality.