Five For Fighting
Granada Theater
Dallas TX
July 11 2017

Source: AT943 Omni elements->SP-SB1(no bass roll-off)->
Zoom H4n 24bit 48htz >HDD>Goldwave to split the file> Audacity to resample to 16 Bit /441>
traders little helper flac level 8

01 World
02 The Riddle
03 Devil In The Wishing Well
04 Superman (Its Not Easy)
05 Two Lights
06 Note To The Unknown Soldier
07 The Ocean
08 If God Made You
09 White Picket Fence
10 Four For Fighting
11 Chances
12 I Don't Want Your Love
13 What If
14 Symphony Lane
15 I Just Love You
16 100 Years
17 American Pie
18 Hope

This was my first time seeing Five for Fighting and I really enjoyed the show. I think
his music goes well with the string quartet. He tells a lot of stories but I just kept
them at the end of the tracks. The track I titled Four for Fighting is the just the string quartet
but it is interesting as they do a bit of Kashmir in the song.

I switched to some new Omni capsule I had bought. Not entirely pleased with the results. I probably need
to do some additional adjustments.